Consultation: Health Education in Schools

The Education Secretary, Damian Hinds published plans that will mean from 2020, health education will become compulsory in all schools, with children expected to learn about good physical and mental health, how to stay safe on and offline and the importance of healthy relationships.

The Self Care Forum is delighted with this move and has been lobbying for compulsory, comprehensive health education to be taught in schools for some time.  It is imperative that children learn about their bodies, how to stay well mentally and physically, how to identify and self-treat minor ailments and manage more serious health conditions, how to prevent ill health and also about when and how to access the NHS.  Imparting such knowledge will be hugely beneficial in that it will impact positively on the health behaviour and wellbeing of children as they grow and become  health literate adults that know how to look after their physical health and mental wellbeing and take precautions to prevent illness.

As a consequence of healthy behaviour, demand on health services will be reduced along with multimorbidities, which will subsequently save on societal costs and help sustain our future NHS!  In addition, education on the history, founding principles and functionality of the Health Service will help children to value this great institution and, may well open up career opportunities to young people interested in working in one of the many professions in the NHS.

Here us a link to more information including details of the consultation.