NHS England calls for debate on how the NHS can meet future demand

NHS England calls for debate on how the NHS can meet future demand

img94joktmu7184NHS England has called on the public, NHS staff and politicians to have an open and honest debate about the future shape of the NHS in order to meet rising demand, introduce new technology and meet the expectations of its patients.

This is set against a backdrop of flat funding which, if services continue to be delivered in the same way as now, will result in a funding gap which could grow to £30bn between 2013/14 to 2020/21.

A new publication, ‘The NHS belongs to the people: a call to action’ sets out these challenges facing the NHS, including more people living longer with more complex conditions, increasing costs whilst funding remains flat and rising expectation of the quality of care.  The document says clearly that the NHS must change to meet these demands and make the most of new medicines and technology and that it will not contemplate reducing or charging for core services.

Further details can be found on the NHS England website

The Self Care Forum also issued a press release in response to NHS England’s call for debate. It points out that discussion should recognise people’s own ability to care for their health as a key component of addressing the sustainability of the NHS. To download the press release please click here