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We are crowdfunding through GoFundMe.

As a charity we are looking at ways of increasing our funding so that we can help support local organisations in their endeavours to empower people to better take care of their own health.

We want to keep our resources, such as our factsheets, posters and Self Care Week assets completely free and we want to do more to help you help others; which is why we are inviting people that use our resources or benefit from them to support us through affordable donations (no amount is too small or too large).

We are seeking your help in furthering self care as a way of life in the new decade.

Here is more information about us and what we do:

Who we are

We support people, professionals and organisations in helping deliver personalised self care. Whether it includes feeling well, living well, staying well, or self-managing illness, we are there to help.

We are a unique charity and for the past decade have made significant contributions to supporting both individuals and the NHS, Local Authority and voluntary sector coalfaces, to adopt self care.

But there is much more to be done to achieve a vision of personalised self care in which people feel confident to make the best choices. Whether it be to live well, stay well or to be able to manage self-limiting conditions and long term illness with the support of professionals, we are asking for your assistance in helping us all to achieve this.

What we do

We bring together people, patients, professionals and organisations with a passion for self care. We provide a wide variety of free support including:

Create practical evidence-based self care resources for individuals, practitioners and organisations:

Support people, professionals and organisations to self care:

Organise national self care campaigns and influence:

Collaborate with partners on setting and delivering R+D for self care:

  • Co-founders, Imperial College Self Care Academic Research Unit (SCARU)
  • The International Self Care Foundation
  • The Royal College of General Practitioners
  • The Royal College of Nursing
  • NHS Clinical Commissioners

Read testimonials from our partners.

What will we do with your money?

Money raised through crowdfunding will be added to the sponsorship and grant funds that we are also hoping to secure and will be spent on:

  • Promoting and encouraging participation of National Self Care Week
  • Producing regular Self Care Forum and Self Care Week updates and newsletters (subscribe here)
  • Developing free Self Care Week assets and material
  • Organising and running annual Self Care Week Awards
  • Creating and producing Self Care Week Award certificates
  • Producing a Review of Self Care Week to capture the hard work and innovation put into raising awareness about the benefits of self care
  • Maintaining and updating the Self Care Forum website to ensure it continues to be the resource people-facing organisations need.

We also hope to raise enough funds to be able to do much more such as:

  • Update our evidence-based factsheets and nutritional factsheets:
  • Produce more evidence-based factsheets and nutritional factsheets:
  • Overhaul our Self Care Forum website so that it is easier to navigate and is a more helpful resource for users:
  • Hold national and regional self care conferences to provide a platform to share good self care practice and recognise self care excellence nationally and internationally:
  • Produce further resources and strategies to further self care in places where we live and work such as schools, universities, businesses, care homes and communities:
  • Collaborate and partner with like-minded people on a shared vision of furthering self care in the new decade.

Thank you for your support and if you have any questions please contact selfcare@selfcareforum.org.

Are you interested in Partnership Working?

We would also like to hear from commercial partners that would like to work with us on aligned aims.

Contact selfcare@selfcareforum.org