COVID19 Series


We hope you find our free resources useful. To continue with our work of offering organisation support to implement self care at the local level, we are fundraising. Please help if you can.

What are the Factsheets for?
The Self Care Forum fact sheets aim to help clinicians and patients discuss issues around self care within the practice consultation and especially how to handle the symptoms in the future. They provide information around:

  • Useful facts
  • What patients can expect to happen (the natural history)
  • What people can do to help themselves – now and in the future
  • When to seek medical help (the ‘red flags’)
  • Where to find out more

These fact sheets are evidence-based and have been reviewed by peers and our Self Care Champions. 

Our common conditions fact sheets are available to download here:

We also have nutritional fact sheets available to download here:

For information about nutrition and COVID-19 recovery take a look at the knowledge hub from the University of Plymouth