Staying healthy as you get older is the UK’s top health concern

Launched in Self Care Week, new PAGB-commissioned research has revealed the nation’s top health concerns are staying healthy as you get older (65%), keeping fit and active (59%) and eating a healthy diet (56%).  As well as wanting to prevent ill health, people also worry about funding for the NHS (29%) and delays to get a doctor’s appointment (22%) if they become unwell.

However, despite this desire to remain in good health, people might not be making the best use of services to access health advice.  While 82% of people turn to Google for health information, 89% rely on their GP.  Pharmacy, on the other hand, is comparatively underutilised, with just 63% trusting their pharmacist with their health concerns.

Dr Pete Smith, a GP and Co-chair of the Self Care Forum, said: “I am encouraged that people want to stay fit and eat well, but it is vital that we provide information to people to help them make those healthy lifestyle choices and ensure they know where to go for advice and support.  Self Care Week is an opportunity for all healthcare professionals to work with their local community to do just that.  This will have many benefits for people’s short-term and long-term health, as well as addressing their other concerns about funding for the NHS and availability of GP appointments, by reducing pressure on the NHS.”

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