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Self Care Week

16 – 22 November 2020 

Self Care Week is an annual national awareness week that focuses on embedding support for self care across communities, families and generations.

Live Self Care for Life is the strap line and organisations are being encouraged to use Self Care Week as a hook to help people “live” self care for a healthier, happier life. 

Last Minute Assets

Below is a series of tweets and text that can be used to add to your website alongside a Self Care Week logo.

Twitter Assets for the Week

Long Term Conditions Related Tweets and images

Minor Conditions Related Tweets and images

Wellbeing Related Tweets and images

Coronavirus Related Tweets and images

Pharmacy Related Tweets and images

Text to add to Websites

Ready made text to cut and paste to websites to inform audiences of Self Care Week 2020

Three or more months to plan

If you have three or more months to plan for Self Care Week, start with our 8 point plan. 

Four – eight weeks to plan

Here are ideas that can be implemented if you have between 4-8 weeks before Self Care Week:

Further help is available from organisations that have previously implemented Self Care Week initiatives, please see “Successfully Delivering Self Care Week: Case Studies and Practical Advice.” Or go to the best practice page for Self Care Week case studies.

A communications document is available with helpful tips and ideas.

Instructions are also available on how to hold a self care twitterchat as part of your activities for Self Care Week. 

Employers are invited to help improve their employee’s awareness of how to take better care of their physical health and mental wellbeing and here are some suggestions.

PHE Toolkit for Employers re physical activity, healthy eating and healthier weight

The following materials are available to download:

Web buttons

Below are low res images that are ideal for your Self Care Week website branding. 

Click on the links to download, then right-click to ‘save image as…’:

If you’re able to donate towards the production of our material we would be grateful. We would suggest £50 – £100.

Self Care Week poster

A Self Care Week A4 Poster is available and can be printed for use as part of your activities. (Pdf version).

Click on the link to download.

For an EPS version that can be opened using Illustrator please contact

Self Care Week Pop Up Banner (with date and theme)

If you are holding events as part of your Self Care Week activities, why not use banners to attract attention?

Below is the artwork in pdf format with appropriate dimensions.

Pop Up Banner (vertical)

Horizontal Banner

For EPS versions that can be opened using Illustrator please contact

Self Care Week Pop Up Banner (without date)

We understand that sometimes you want to create Self Care Week banners for events that can be used each year and so we have produced artwork for Self Care Week / Self Care for Life without dates: 

Vertical Banner

Horizontal Banner

Horizontal Banner (5mx2m)

Television screen

Here is an image designed especially for a television screen which can be used on waiting room information screens. 

Press Releases

Ideally, you want to reach as many people as possible with your Self Care Week messages and it can be helpful to approach your local media (press and broadcast) with news about your activities. You might like to do this by sending a press release and, in case these are helpful, here are three template press releases:




Below is a series of resources that can be used as part of your Self Care Week activities or outside Self Care Week.  

Poster: Can the Pharmacist help with your symptoms?

Here is a poster signposting to the pharmacist for twelve common ailments that people often visit the GP with.  Corresponding fact sheets are also available for each of the 12 ailments and can be used during interactions to support people to self care.

A4 Poster 

Leaflet: When will I feel better?

A helpful guide on how long you can expect the symptoms of cough, colds, sore throat and nasal congestion to last, what you can do to get better and the warning signs to look out for which mean you may need to seek professional help.

The leaflet also explains that antibiotics are not an effective treatment for winter symptoms such as cough, cold, sore throat, flu or nasal congestion.

It was produced by PAGB for the NHS Stay Well This Winter campaign.

It can be downloaded below:

When will I feel better? (print version – If you are printing this leaflet on both sides of paper, you may need to select “Flip on short edge” in your printer settings)

Treat Yourself Better poster

This poster has been produced for the ‘Treat Yourself Better with Pharmacist Advice’ campaign. It can be used to remind patients that antibiotics do not help common winter ailments and how long they can expect the symptoms to last for.  It promotes the pharmacist as the first port of call for advice on winter ailments.

Click here to download:
Treat Yourself Better with Pharmacist Advice GP Poster

Leaflets, posters and guides

Here is a list of leaflets and posters available to support self care that can be displayed or handed out during Self Care Week.

Unfortunately these are not available as printed copies, however you can download and print off yourself.

Other downloadable leaflets:

Helpful website links: