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Self Care Week - 13 - 19 November 2023

Self Care Week is the UK-wide annual awareness week that focuses on embedding support for self care across communities, families and generations.

The theme is yet to be agreed although organisations are encouraged to use Self Care Week as a hook to help people practise self care for a healthier, happier life. 


Social Media Posts Available

We hope you will get involved on social media as part of your Self Care Week activities.  And, if you need some help, we will have some template posts, including images, available for use during Self Care Week. 

These will be uploaded nearer the time so keep watching this space, or get in touch via if you would like to receive these as soon as they are available. 

And, if you want a share or retweet then don’t forget to include @SelfCareForum in your texts.  Please also use #SelfCareWeek and #SelfCareForLife. 

Need some inspirational ideas for Self Care Week activities?

Sometimes we need a little inspiration with ideas and activities about how to celebrate Self Care Week and utilise the event to help you help your patients, customers, service users, students, employees etc.  Below is a series of resources that can be used in conjunction with each other, these include tailored suggestions on how to make the most of your Self Care Week. 

8 Point Plan

It is always best to have a plan of action in place as a way of starting to organise your Self Care Week activity. This document can help with that since it provides a framework of ideas and suggestions on how to go about planning your activity.  While it is always advised to begin well ahead of time to ensure a stronger, more successful event, this document can also help with just a few months.  

Comms Document

As part of planning your Self Care Week activity, it is a good idea to decide upon your Self Care Week messaging. This document might be helpful in forming your comms activity. 

This at-a-glance document might help you form your Self Care Week plan:

Below is a series of tailored documents with ideas and suggestions that can be used as a standalone resource or in conjunction with the above 8 Point Plan and Comms Document. 

Website Text

Promoting information about Self Care Week on websites, notice boards and newsletters is a great way to highlight Self Care Week.  Below is some sample text you might like to use. Also, we will be adding resources to this page as we move closer to Self Care Week itself, including social media assets.  To stay up to date make sure you have subscribed to the newsletter.  

Branding for Self Care Week

It is important to brand your activities with images that are being used to promote Self Care Week up and down the 4 countries of the UK.   It means your campaigns are easily identifiable as part of the wider public promotions.  A series of logos will be freely available soon for you to use.  

Web buttons

These buttons will be available soon

Self Care Week Poster

A post will be available soon. 

Pop-up Banners (with date and theme)

If you are holding events you might like to invest in a pop-up banner to help grab people’s attention.  Banners are usually quite inexpensive, but effective in helping to promote your Self Care Week events and activities. Here are two types of artwork, one for use as a horizontal banner and the other as a pop-up (vertical). 

Pop-up Banners (without date)

We understand that sometimes you want to create Self Care Week banners for events that can be used each year and so we have produced artwork for Self Care Week / Self Care for Life without dates: 

Television Screen Image

Image available soon. 

Press Releases

Ideally, you want to reach as many people as possible with your Self Care Week messages and it can be helpful to approach your local media (press and broadcast) with news about your activities. You might like to do this by sending a press release including a quote from a local pharmacist, nurse, GP,  councillor, mayor, MP or another personality in the local area.  If you would like a quote from our Self Care Forum chair, or president, do get in touch

Below are links to external resources that you might find helpful as part of your Self Care Week activities or outside Self Care Week.