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National Self-Care Week - 18-24 November 2024

National Self-Care Week is the UK-wide annual awareness week that focuses on embedding support for self-care across communities, families and generations.

The theme is “Mind and Body” and organisations are encouraged to use Self-Care Week as a hook to help people practise self-care for a healthier, happier life. 

Need some inspirational ideas?

8 Point Plan

It is always best to have a plan of action in place as a way of starting to organise your Self-Care Week activity. This document can help you with ideas and suggestions on how to plan your activity.  It is advisable to begin well ahead of time to ensure a stronger, more successful event, although this document can also help if you have left things a little last minute.   

Comms Document

A good communications plan is always worthwhile having to create a successful Self-Care Week and to help make this biggest splash with your self care messaging. We hope this document will be helpful in forming your comms activity. 

Guide and Website Text

Here is our “Guide to organising Self-Care Week,” an at-a-glance document to help you plan activity for Self-Care Week:

To help you promote Self-Care Week on websites, notice boards and newsletters, here is some sample text you might like to use. 

Self-Care Week Ideas for PCNs and ICOs

Self-Care Week Ideas for Surgeries

Self-Care Week Ideas for pharmacy teams

Tailored Self-Care Week Resources

Below is a series of tailored documents with ideas and suggestions that can be used as a standalone resource or in conjunction with the above 8 Point Plan and Comms Document. 

Primary Care Networks

Integrated Care Systems

Branding for Self-Care Week

We all know the importance of branding, and here are images to help people instantly recognise your activity is part of National Self-Care Week.  It also means your initiative is easily identifiable as part of the wider national public promotions.  

Email Footers

Please note these images are not good for social media.
Right click on the footer images above to open >
Please note these images are not good for social media.
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Please note these images are not good for social media.
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Why not embed a hyperlink on your Self-Care Week footer image, here are some suggestions:

Your organisation’s Self-Care Week activity page > 
Signpost to local self-care resources >
NHS UK website >

Social Media Assets - Available early November

Look out for social media assets that will be available for use during National Self-Care Week. 

  • Long Term Conditions
  • Physical Wellbeing
  • Pharmacy
  • Mental Wellness
  • Common Conditions
  • Extra images – Physical wellbeing
  • Extra images – Common Conditions
  • Extra images – Mental wellness

Self-Care Week Slide Deck

You might wish to give a short presentation about National Self-Care Week to colleagues, employees, patients etc and so here is a power point slide deck that you can build on and add to, to tailor to your own situation.  Adding your company logo and details of your activities.  

Self-Care Webinar Assets

Pop-up Banners (no date)

We understand that sometimes you want to create Self Care Week banners for events that can be used each year and so we have produced artwork for Self Care Week / Self Care for Life without dates: 

Press Release

To reach a wider audience with your Self Care Week messages, it can be helpful to approach your local media (press and broadcast) with details about your activities. You might like to do this by sending a press release including a quote from a local pharmacist, nurse, GP,  councillor, mayor, MP or another personality in the local area.  If you would like a quote from our Self Care Forum chair, or president, do get in touch

Social media assets

Social media is always an important part of promoting Self Care Week messages, and keep an eye out for assets nearer the time.  If you want to highlight anything please use #SelfCareWeek and #MindBody if possible. 

Below are links to external resources that you might find helpful as part of your Self Care Week activities or outside National Self Care Week.