A word from our President on International Self Care Day (24/7)

The Self Care Forum is delighted to be part of International; Self Care Day at the start of the WHO Month of Self Care. Never has self care been more vital than during the time of coronavirus. The vast bulk of the international response has been correctly; to advise and mandate good self care. Be it social distancing, good hand sanitation or preventing the underlying conditions leading to increased vulnerability, self care is now writ large throughout the world and will underpin safety of individuals and populations for the months and years to come.

The Self Care Forum developed an award for innovations in individual, community, care and health settings in response to the epidemic and will announce the winner soon. The response has been extensive demonstrating how self care will underpin the new normal, whether it be supporting isolated people, reducing the mental health risks in young people, supporting management of long term conditions and providing resources to the locked down population to manage themselves and their families’ health and wellbeing, innovation in self care is ensuring that people’s worlds can be improved in these difficult times.