Self Care Forum’s First Anniversary

ministerCare Services Minister, Paul Burstow is “delighted” at the Forum’s achievements in its first year but recognises more work is required “We know that people who self care feel empowered and in control, so it is great that the Self Care Forum has achieved so much in its first year. There is more work for them to do and they are looking at continuing to develop information for patients on when it’s safe to self care, but on-line training for GPs and a practice guide to set up support for self care in practice are excellent achievements and pave the way to move from promoting self care to embedding it into everyday life”

The Pharmaceutical Journal highlighted the first anniversary where SCF Board Member, Gopa Mitra was quoted saying “”For self care to truly work, we have to revolutionise how we promote and encourage self care practice among healthcare professionals, the UK population and all through the NHS.”