2 in 5 requesting GP for common conditions

2 in 5 requesting GP for common conditions

A study by the consumer health association, PAGB found that 2 in 5 adults (39 per cent) requested a GP appointment for common health conditions including colds, a blocked nose, insect bites and stings, and headaches. 

And, 8 per cent of people were said to be visiting A&E with similar relatively minor conditions such as dandruff, acne, head lice and other non-urgent health concerns.

Commenting, Self Care Forum chair, and Queen’s nurse Helen Donovan said “whilst it would be easy to berate people for using health services inappropriately, these findings highlight the need for us all to do more to help inform and support people to understand how to confidently manage their common conditions.  And to signpost them to services which are better placed to provide the advice and treatment more suitable for their needs.”  

Health education was also highlighted in the research, with 4 in 5 people believing education to be key to increasing self-care and encourage people to take a more proactive approach.     

The Self Care Forum has long called for comprehensive health education to be taught in schools as well as an understanding of how the NHS works.  This will not only give children the knowledge and skills to look after themselves as they grow into adults, but will help them understand where to go to get the best care. It will also engender an appreciation for this great institution amongst future generations.