The Self Care Forum Expands its Knowledge-Base with New Recruits

The Self Care Forum Expands its Knowledge-Base with New Recruits

The Self Care Forum has recruited three new trustees and a special advisor, each with valuable experience and insights to help the charity progress self care in the population and ensure everyone is equipped with the skills to help them practise self care for life.

Speaking about the appointments, Self Care Forum chair Helen Donovan said “I have no doubt that Catherine Watling, Professor Mary Hickson, Trevor Gore and Lynne Baxter will make excellent additions to our team. 

“All four were chosen not only for their insurmountable passion and enthusiasm for self care but for their wide-ranging skills, knowledge and experience that will help us continue with our work to further the reach of self care and embed it in everyone’s everyday lives. “

Dr Pete Smith, Self Care Forum President added, “Our new appointees don’t just increase the size of our team but they help to diversify our knowledge-base and bring a renewed vigour and dynamism to our charity, helping us to continue to punch above our weight when it comes to driving the self care agenda forward. “

Meet the new appointees:


Professor Mary Hickson, professor in dietetics at the University of Plymouth University is “thrilled to become one of the new Trustees for the Self Care Forum. Empowering people to support their health and well-being is so important and the Self Care Forum offers many resources to help people do this. I hope I can bring some expertise in diet and nutrition, which is a key element of a healthy lifestyle. I’m really looking forward to working with the team on up-and-coming projects.”

Catherine Watling, Workplace Health Facilitator at Thriving Workplaces added “I am super excited to be joining the board of trustees, it’ll be a chance to make a real positive impact on people’s lives, to empower them to have healthier and happier days.”

Trevor Gore, Associate Director of the Institute of Collaborative Working said “I’m delighted and honoured to join the Self Care forum as a trustee. Self care is a fundamental pillar of healthcare, and I look forward to bringing my experience, passion, and drive to ensure the Forum continues in its important work, educating all the stakeholders on the where’s, why’s and how’s of self care.”

Special Advisor:

Of self care, Lynne Baxter, Clinical Development and Professional Lead at Perrigo UK said “I believe our health is our greatest asset. Self care is how we can all take an active role to make a difference in understanding and looking after our health.”

Further information about our trustees and special advisors can be found here. Or, contact if you have any questions.