Our Menopause Fact Sheet features in Government Response to Committee Report

Our Menopause Fact Sheet features in Government Response to Committee Report

The Self Care Forum’s self care aware fact sheet on menopause was featured in Government’s Response to the Report Menopause and the Workplace

The report by the House of Commons’ Women and Equalities Commission, which was published in July 2022 concluded “menopause has been ignored and hidden away for too long. There is nothing shameful about women’s health, or about getting older. Supporting those experiencing menopause makes sense for individuals, for the economy and for society.”

It set out a series of recommendations for Government to consider including:

  • that the Government launches a visible public health campaign around menopause; its symptoms, impact and how to seek treatment and other help, including support at work.

Responding, Government referred to its Women’s Health Strategy which sets out details of a public communication programme in the workplace led by the UK Menopause Taskforce, and highlighted the pieces of work that is currently underway: 

  • i. Behaviour change market research to identify the best way of conveying menopause messages to different groups of women.
  • ii. Promotion of a self-care factsheet to empower women to understand and self-manage their perimenopause and menopause, and to point them towards further sources of credible good information.
  • iii. Development of a decision support tool to support women’s understanding of their symptoms and appropriate treatment options to support discussion with clinicians.