2023’s National Self Care Week Image Revealed

2023’s National Self Care Week Image Revealed

Self Care Week 2023 – New images 

For this year’s National Self Care Week image, we have been lucky enough to work with award-winning designer Mark Osborne who has been responsible for some truly iconic images in his 25 year career (remember the BHF fatty deposit cigarette?).  

Using the 2023 theme “Mind and Body”, Mark has sought to encapsulate a broad range of self care activities with a simplistic style aiming for a self made look to reinforce the “self’ message in “self care”.

We, at the Self Care Forum love it and we hope you do too and that you will enjoy using the image to drive forward your self care message and strengthen your Self Care Week activities this November. 

We would like to thank Mark for generously giving us his time, expertise and designs!