Free Self-Care Aware Webinar

Free Self-Care Aware Webinar

Join us for this free self-care aware webinar where you will find out about self-care and what it means for safely managing common health conditions at home. Come along and let us help you to help yourself.

The webinar will be presented by experts in self-care and is being hosted by the Self Care Forum, a charity helping people take care of themselves.

The session will increase your knowledge and understanding of key aspects of self-care giving you the skills and confidence you need to better manage your health and support those around you.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand what is meant by self-care
  • Appreciate why self-care is important to the wider health and care system
  • Identify symptoms of common ailments and how long they normally last
  • Know when to seek professional health advice and where to go for that advice
  • Consider what makes us adopt certain health behaviours

Topics covered:

The health topic covered during the webinar will be based on some of our self-care aware fact sheets which can be accessed here.

For more information contact:

Please note the link to the webinar will be sent 2 weeks prior to the event >