Join our Twitterchat Self Care Week Launch – 13 November at 12pm

Join our Twitterchat Self Care Week Launch – 13 November at 12pm

Join our Twitterchat on X on Monday 13 November from 12-1pm, just follow @SelfCareForum and watch out for questions.

We will be launching National Self Care Week (13 – 19 November 2023) with a twitterchat on Monday 13 November at 12pm. 

And to help us discuss a range of self-care issues such as health literacy, prevention and health inequalities, several guests, who are influential in the health and care sectors across the UK, will join the chat. 

Self-care is important to us all because it involves everyone, every day.  It’s what we do for ourselves, for our families and loved ones.  So, let’s talk self-care. 

How to get ready for the Twitterchat

  • On the day – please login to X (formerly known as twitter) to be ready before mid-day – there will be a series of countdown posts from 9am onwards to promote it.
  • Please follow @SelfCareForum for notifications about the questions
  • Please use #SCWchat in every reply so everyone is aware that you are taking part in the chat and your replies are visible,
  • If you can also use #selfcareweek that will help us trend but don’t worry too much
  • Please answer your tweets with the question number (ie your response to Q1 should include A1) this will make it clear which question you are answering for everyone to follow.
  • FYI – #MindBody is our theme for this year.
  • Please enjoy – it is generally an engaging and informative chat.
  • Thank you for taking part.
  • Please continue throughout the week to highlight self-care messages if possible
  • The questions for the Twitterchat will be displayed on individual images.

Questions likely to be asked during the chat:

  1. What does self-care mean to you and why is it important?
  2. How do we ensure school children and young people grow up with self-care skills and knowledge to support them through their life?
  3.  23 per cent of UK deaths are considered avoidable (heart disease is still a major killer) – how do we make it easier for people to prevent avoidable diseases?
  4. Poor health literacy is a barrier to self-care behaviour, and leads to health inequality, how do we increase levels of health literacy?
  5. Ask Your Pharmacist Week highlighted the many services pharmacies provide locally – is the message getting through to people
  6. 1 in 6 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem, how can we support people to better protect their mental wellness?
  7. What role do you see digital tools and apps playing in supporting people’s health and wellbeing?
  8. Given how much time we spend at work, should employers do more to support people to better self-care? How?
  9. Who is responsible for helping people to self-care, and should we all be stepping it up?