Top health tips unveiled in new Self Care Aware Fact Sheet

Top health tips unveiled in new Self Care Aware Fact Sheet

‘You’ve got the POWER’, says charity’s new guide

The Self Care Forum has unveiled a ‘go-to’ fact sheet which shares simple and effective tips for everyone to improve health and wellbeing.

The fact sheet brings together advice and recommendations under six headings:

  • P: personal wellbeing
  • O: out and about exercise
  • W: weight awareness
  • E: eating and diet
  • R: risks and prevention

It lists the early signs of some of the most common types of cancer and offers information on ideal body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, alcohol and calorie intakes.

It also signposts people to the Self Care Forum’s extensive library of online fact sheets explaining common self-treatable health conditions and the best ways to manage them as well as a Long COVID-19/Post COVID-19 Syndrome resource.

Self Care Forum chair Helen Donovan said: “With self care in the spotlight as never before thanks to COVID-19 and its impact, we wanted to provide an easily-accessible but comprehensive summary of the key steps you can take to improve your own health.

“Our fact sheet, the Power of Self Care, offers a space for people to list the lifestyle changes they’d like to make and in what time-frame, as a way of encouraging everyone to think practically about self care.”

Self Care Forum President Dr Pete Smith said: “This fact sheet is designed as a useful resource not only for individuals looking to improve their health and fitness but also for healthcare professionals starting conversations with patients and others about self care.”  

Self Care Forum Patron Dr Nighat Arif, NHS GP from Buckinghamshire said: “If the pandemic has shown us anything, it is that self care – including management of self-treatable conditions at home, where possible – is vitally important.

“With the Self Care Forum’s advice, you can be assured that evidence-based medical guidance is on hand to help you to self care with confidence, as well as knowing which red flags should prompt a discussion with the doctor. Self care is about being empowered about your own health.”

Contact the Self Care Forum to get involved with this life-changing initiative.

Further fact sheets are available here.