medDigital Collaboration

We are working with medDigital to highlight the importance of health literacy and here we start with a series of podcasts from interviews with our 2020 winner and highly commended coronavirus award winners.   

Dr. Kevin Auton, Managing Director of Aseptika, discusses their use of technology to support people with cardiac problems during the lockdown in conversation with Dr. Felix Jackson, Founder & Medical Director of medDigital.
Dr Phil Moore explains the implementation of a CCG-wide suite of empowering self care videos (Sound Doctor) for patients during the 2020 lockdown including a comprehensive new Qismet accredited online diabetes course.
Further information on these initiatives as well as other Award entries are available on the 2020 Coronavirus Awards page here.

About medDigital

medDigital is a specialist in digital communications with expertise in healthcare. It combines insightful science with seamless digital communications to overcome healthcare challenges and transform patient lives. medDigital is passionate about helping organisations to ensure people are getting the information they need to look after themselves and those around them. That is why in 2021 medDigital launched the ‘Talking Healthcare’ campaign in collaboration with the Self Care Forum to help share knowledge and best practice across industries.