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Please note these documents are archived material.

14th November 2016

Minister Welcomes Self Care Week 2016

23rd September 2014
The DIY Health Programme – Empowering patients and helping to manage demand

14th November 2013
Self Care Week 2013: Time to self care for life – Take control

9th October 2013
Effective self care is critical to help save our NHS,  say experts ( press release for pharmacy)

Saving the NHS requires re-think on self care, say experts (press release for GPs)

Empower patients to self care and help save the NHS, say experts (press release for nurses)

10th September 2013
Self Care Forum supports new UK 5 year Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy, 2013 – 2018

11th July 2013
Self Care Forum welcomes call for ‘honest and realistic’ debate

19th December 2012
People need to know they can self treat their coughs, colds and sore throats – antibiotics won’t help

16th November 2012
People need to know they can self-treat their coughs, colds and sore throats – antibiotics won’t help so give ‘tweetment’ instead

10th May 2012
First anniversary of the Self Care Forum: Experts call for a ˜joined-up’ NHS thinking on self care

11th November 2011
Care Services Minster, Paul Burstow MP, Urges Support for Self-Care at Twelfth Annual Self-Care Conference

8th November 2011
RCGP Launches E-Learning Course at Self-Care Conference 08 11 11

26th October 2011
Minister Paul Burstow Confirms Attendance at Self-Care Conference 26 10 11

11th October 2011
PAGB, RCN, RCGP and NAPP Host Twelfth Annual Self Care Conference 11 10 11

18th July 2011
Self Care Forum Unveils New Website for NHS Staff and Patient Groups 18 07 11

26th June 2011
NHS Reforms Report Incorporates Recommendations of Self Care Forum 20 06 11

20th May 2011
Self Care Forum Addresses Language Around Evolution and Collaboration in NHS 20 05 11

17th May 2011
Health Minister Ratifies Self Care Forum 17 05 11

Media resources

Why Better Self-Care is Good for People
Being able to self-care directly benefits individuals, their families and society. Read more about the advantages of self-care here.

Self Care Forum Fact Sheet
Read some essential facts about the Self Care Forum here.

Self Care Forum Key Messages
Our key messages have been developed by the Self Care Forum. It is important that what we say and how we say it is always expressed clearly and consistently. And the hope is that these key messages will build consistency in self-care messaging. Read our key messages here.

Self Care: An Ethical Imperative
The Self Care Campaign group launched a report in March 2010, Self Care: An Ethical Imperative that highlights common disturbances to normal good health, such as coughs and colds, are accounting for nearly one fifth of GP workload. Click here to read the report.